This Day in Dayton, 11 November

World War II interrupted town life from December 7, 1941 to VE day and VJ day in 1945. Veterans of this war include:

  • Robert Yost, navy
  • Floyd (“Frog”) Dixon
  • Jude Dilden
  • Betty Gingrich Mitchell Saunders

Source: picture of Frog and Lola May Dixon in Dr. Taaffe’s office; men who stood up in church on Veterans’ Day 2001; obit of Jude Dilden.

A roll of honor listing veterans of World War II was located on the wall on the first landing of the stairway at the township high school. It now hangs on the wall in the town hall. Names are available here:

The following are among Dayton veterans of the Korean War:

  • Jack Norris
  • Bruce Biery
  • Jim Whitlock
  • David Frantz

(Corrected, 11 Nov 2017)


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