This Day in Dayton, 1 November

1 November

In November 1831, William M. Jenners of Lafayette wrote to Indian agent John Tipton, proposing Tipton as candidate for brigadier general of the brigade of home guards. All men were expected to belong to a regiment and assemble regularly to drill. In the letter Jenners lists the officers of the Tippecanoe County regiment, the only one so far organized and so expected to have a significant effect on the outcome of the election. Several of these names could be men from the Dayton area: Captains P. H. Weaver, Thomas Reed, John McCormack, Charles M. Page [Paige], Israel H. Cox, John Roberts, William Knapper, Henry Oiler, John Foster, Adam Sheagby, Capt. Davidson, Lieutenants Ezekiel Timmons, Elijah B. Bell, Thomas Larey, Thomas Trickle, Philip Bush, Stephen Mendinhall, Isaac Richardson, James Moffett, Ensigns Samuel Bush, Geo H. Rendabush, Richard Cole, John Warwick, William Digby, Richard Blackledge, John Sheagby, Jno Miller, David Michales, Elias Darnell (Tipton Papers; possible local names in italics). Jenners himself had Dayton connections for he owned land in the township.

Susan ClawsonComment