This Day in Dayton, 28 October

In the 1920s the local businessmen’s association was called the Dayton Commercial Club. The Club sponsored a Fall Frolic on Saturday, October 28, 1922. The festivities began at 1:00 with a band concert and athletic contests. Prizes donated by member businesses were awarded for events such as a bicycle race, a fifty-yard dash, a pushmobile race, and a coaster race. Next came a Stockwell vs. Dayton football game and a greased pole contest. Supper was served by the Rebekah Lodge in the IOOF Hall, or could be had at Godfrey’s Beanery. At 6:30 there was another band concert. Evening events included a Hallow’en Cantata at Dayton School and a Grand Cartoon’s Masked Pageant featuring Jiggs, Duffs, Katzenjammer Kids, Freckles, etc. Prizes were awarded, so one of these events included costume judging. The time from 9:30 to 12:00 was reserved for Merry—Melodious—Meanderings; perhaps music and dancing? In addition, there was an Agricultural and Home Economics Exhibit at Baker’s Show Room, with prizes, presented by the Purdue Extension Department and Dayton Commerce Club. (The club name is listed as both Commerce and Commercial). Among the sponsors were Nicely’s Store; Fred Widmer, druggist; W. R. Adams, barber; Dayton Lumber Co.; Gallimore, barber; Dayton Grain and Coal Co; Cecil Pigg; Alton Benham, grocer; Rohler Bros. grocers; D. R. Baker, undertaker; Goldenrod Candy Co; Bert Sharpe, painter; Bank of Dayton; Dan Kirkpatrick, auto painter; Chas Godfrey, Good Eats Beanery; R. S. Lentz; IOOF Hall; Rebekah Lodge; and Dr. Mc Bride. Commercial Club members who signed the sheet were M. Y. Cassel, B. C. Sharpe, and D. R. Baker.

Susan ClawsonComment