This Day in Dayton, 26 October

In October 1983 Town board members running for reelection on the nonpartisan Citizen’s Party ticket issued a campaign letter. Some excerpts: “Some of this progress is evidenced by completion of the sanitary sewer project costing over $1,000,000.00 (the Board secured nontown funding for all but $353,000.00); steady improvement to all town streets; addition of a crosswalk and a school crossing guard; yearly improvement in both the extent and quality of law enforcement, and are now working to obtain banking facilities for Dayton. Fiscally, the Town operates today on virtually the same income as it did five years ago.” The letter went on to point out the establishment of a capital fund to pay for future improvements and the maintenance of fiscal responsibility to get “the most out of every dollar.” The letter was signed by Kenneth E. Yost, Betty J. Winstead, Ralph Vanderkolk, Harris C. Hine, Glen J. Michael, and Rita J. Hicks.

Susan ClawsonComment