This Day in Dayton, 25 October

In October 1995, a guest column in the Journal and Courier was titled “Students Deserve a Better Environment.” The author, Chris Turpin, detailed the conditions at McCutcheon High School as the school was being enlarged and remodeled around the students attending class each day. “Enter McCutcheon High School and step into a world of dust, debris and stacks of building materials.” For the second year, students and teachers were exposed to noisy jackhammers and heavy equipment, malfunctioning air conditioning, a choice between carrying your own lunch or purchasing a catered meal at exhorbitant prices, lack of running water, classes set up in impromptu locations, and allergy-provoking dust and cigarette smoke. To top it off, the writer thought the exterior design was weird. My kids lived through this period, graduating in 1995 and 1997, and I’ll have to say I agreed with everything said in the letter.

Susan ClawsonComment