This Day in Dayton, 23 October

On October 23, 1985, two articles in the Journal and Courier concerned Dayton.

A photo appeared of Town Marshal Rick Earhart, with his hat positioned so as to make one think of the Keystone Cops, standing below the Dayton town sign and between a speed limit sign and a No Thru Trucks sign. The Speed limit sign announced a surprising speed limit of 22 miles per hour. The reason this limit was decided on, according to Earhart, was that the town couldn’t keep any money from tickets issued to speeders at the usual limit, but if the town raised or lowered the limit by at least eight miles an hour, it would be able to keep a percentage of the money from the tickets. Oh, and it was better for the children in town, as well.

“TSC mom fights values class” was the headline on a second story. This one was about the crusade by Jan Smith to fight the inclusion of a class on Human Growth and Development and a technique called values clarification in the schools of Tippecanoe County School Corporation. To this end, she made presentations to parents at Dayton, Buck Creek, Clarks Hill, and Klondike.

Susan ClawsonComment