This Day in Dayton, 21 October

On the 21st of October, 1987, a small headline in the Journal and Courier read: “County to consider land use plan change.” The article by Joe Gerrety began: “County planners will take their first step tonight toward protecting bucolic Dayton from unwanted effects of the Subaru-Isuzu Automotive Inc. plant.” Planners hoped to preserve the small-town atmosphere while encouraging new economic development. The plan featured a new road extending County Road 650 from where it met Haggarty Lane to CR 375 South. This road was designed to serve as a buffer between the town on the east and the planned multi-family residential and commercial districts on the west. The beginning of this road crosses SR 38 and was eventually named Yost Drive. The plan also envisioned several east-west roads, including what is now Hine Drive which crosses Yost at the McAllisters location. These roads also were expected to join another north-south road that would curve around between Yost Drive and the Interstate. A 25-acre park was proposed on the northwest corner of Dayton as it existed then, to join the town to the new development. This would be pretty much where the present Deerfield addition sits today. The next day the paper reported that the plan was approved with one change: about 8 acres on the east side of 38 was designated highway-related commercial instead of the proposed office, research park, or light industrial, by agreement between the landowner and the town. All these designations were just plans. To actually use the land for any of these purposes, the land in question would have to be rezoned.

Susan ClawsonComment