This Day in Dayton, 20 October

On October 20, 1987, the candidates for the November 3 election were published in the Journal and Courier. Candidates for offices in Dayton were:

Clerk-Treasurer: Rita J. Hicks, incumbent (Citizens’ Party) and Rosemary Caldwell (Independent)

Town Board

Ward 1: Michael D. Boas, incumbent (Citizens’ Party), and Brad J. Newton (Independent)

Ward 2: Kenneth E. Yost, incumbent (Citizens’ Party)

Ward 3: Jack E. Boatright (Citizens’ Party), Paul W. Winstead (Independent)

Ward 4: Harris C. Hine, incumbent (Citizens’ Party)

Ward 5: John L. McDowell, incumbent (Citizens’ Party)

In a few days, fliers were available explaining the qualifications of each candidate.

Susan ClawsonComment