This Day in Dayton, 16 October

The new Dayton Elementary School was dedicated on October 16, 1983 at a ceremony and open house from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. The building was ready when school opened that fall. The color-coordinated classrooms were named for local sites and people. The gym and cafeteria (built in 1953) were remodeled. The total area was 53,800 square feet, 33,000 new construction and 20,800 remodeled area. The work cost $4,425,000. Principal: Don Timmons. School Superintendent: Kenneth Koger. Patron Response: Arliss Jeffries; Staff Appreciation: Ruth Lock; Student Appreciation Committee: Shana Burris, Julie Schultz, April Walkup. Benediction, Rev. William Beswick, Dayton Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Susan ClawsonComment