Ron Merkel, Scott Swick, Lisa Stevenson, and Dave Leininger in March 2017.

Ron Merkel, Scott Swick, Lisa Stevenson, and Dave Leininger in March 2017.

It all started when...

a Facebook page operating as Dayton Watchdog loudly and cruelly opposed the proposed plans and later the process for a new neighborhood in Dayton. With disdain, the 'dawg, as she is affectionately known, has continued to show opposition by dismissing those homeowners throughout the town who live on property of 10,000 square feet or less. That would be 90% of the town. That's when we, as neighbors and friends, began to discuss a more reasoned and long-term approach to the matter of new neighborhoods, economic zones, and even the thought of a Dollar General to satisfy the small town needs that Dayton shares with thousands of similar hometowns across America.

We Are Dayton Too provides discussions and information on planning, growth, and economic development. Through independent impact studies and references to activities suggested by professional associations, we provide a platform for frank discussion on all of the issues that surround growth, starting with, "Why?"

We Are Dayton Too is a platform for Your Voice. We believe that the majority of the town appreciates reasoned discussion on the 21st century approach to growing our town while strengthening our identity as an alternative to living in a nearby city. We are grateful to the townspeople who join us in finding value from vetted information and independent sources.

Join us! Your Voice is a discussion room to examine each topic deeply. We are here to learn, to share, to fund initiatives, and to transparently provide the plusses and minuses, pros and cons, perceived good and perceived bad of various plans for the next five, ten, and even 20 years down the road. Working with the Area Plan Commission, let's ensure proper homage is paid to our history while ensuring a bright economic future. Let's do this together. Let's plan the future that you seek for the Town of Dayton.